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Hospital Rebellion
Nurse Ratchet struggled violently against the ropes that bound her, but acheived nothing other than knocking one of her shoes off. With increasing desperation she watched the unfolding patient mutiny on the monitor. She knew that once they found the cupboard where the straitjackets were kept then there would be no chance of escape and her fate, along with that of the other nurses would be sealed.

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She couldn’t believe it!!! It was actually happening!!! One of the most notorious super-villainesses of the whole world not only was going to escape her just punishment, but she was waving ‘goodbyes’ at every camera she saw herself looking at!!!

If only she could free herself…

But she couldn’t!

All that was need was that this ******* medical tape, and the (clean) rolled up socks inside her mouth, was removed and she would be able say her magical world… And then she would wipe out that ********* grin of her face in no time!!!!

But not only Savant was a super-genius with encyclopedic knowledge in who knows how many sciences (she already had how many doctorates again?), she was very good with knots! Way too good… Nope, no chance for her to free herself…
But her bonds were more like a tight hug than something meant to hold (and hurt – after a while) her.

Could it be that there was some truth in those rumors about her… weird relationship… with the mystical superchick from Massachusetts, Magyka? The fact that the good witch needed to say her spells and incantations for them to work, and was a very lame hand-to-hand fighter, made her an easy target for ropes and scarves and tape… It could be just a coincidence that Savant dropped by Magyka’s neighborhood once a month…

With the predictable results for the witch…

A coincidence, probably… (Right?).

In any case… even super-villainesses can have emergency procedures like appendicitis.

And she had recognized her!
Even with the ‘new’ hairdo she knew that ‘Louise M. Ryan’ was a fake name, and that she was looking at the notorious Savant!

Then why hadn’t she called the police, the FBI or the Victory League?

And why had she answered, with all honesty possible, when Savant had asked her if she had recognized her? And how did she ended up here?

Oh, no…
She was remembering now…

Savant’s very-little-talked-about power, super-hypnotism.

She had told her everything about her own powers! And how these feeble ropes and strips of tape could prevent the third most powerful super-heroine of the whole world to appear right now… Right after she had followed all her instructions!

She had been the one who had stole all those chemicals, mixed them and then used the hospital’s air conditioning system to spread the resulting chemical around. Next, after giving herself and Savant the antidote to that gas, she had followed Savant to this room, as the patients and the staff of the hospital started to get mad…

And… Savant had… sat on her lap, lifted her chin with her right index until they were looking at each other…
And locked those beautiful mesmerizing eyes on hers!

She had been hypnotized!

And there was this command… this command that would make her forget everything! That Savant knew who WonderBelle actually was, where she lived and how to make her helpless, even in WonderBelle’s sultry form! Only after she, either in this form or in the goddess-like one of her alias, was rendered totally helpless is that she would remember about… the kiss. Savant had kissed her, before and after she had gagged her…

And, in both occasions, it had felt SO GOOD!!!
So… good?

What was happening to her?
What had Savant done to her?

She could feel her memory slipping, the post-hypnotic amnesia command settling in…

She had to remember!!! She had to remember!!!! She had to remember!!!!! She had to remember!!!!! She had to remember!!!!!

She… had… to… (…)

What had happened? Where was…
She was tied and gagged?

And there was some sort of rebellion happening right now at the hospital? And she was unable to stop it?
And some stupid blonde was waving goodbye at the câmera?

What was going on? And who the **** had tied and gagged her that well?

story by


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