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Vampire Countess and the Hunter
Carmilla seethed with outrage. She was of noble birth, so being hauled from her own castle and manhandled like a common tart was insufferable! This brute Throckmorton was a base commoner. To think he could invade her tomb, immobilize her with electrified darts, and chain her up like a dog fueled her indignation.

"These chains itch horribly, you wretch!" Carmilla hissed, the metal clinking as she withered. "Release me, and I might spare your miserable life!"

Throckmorton kept whittling a fresh ash stake; it never hurt to have one handy. And his latest catch was behaving in typical fashion. "Of course, they itch, Countess. They're sterling silver. Cost me a proper penny, they did."

"You will feel my revenge, you smelly mortal! I will drain your carcass!"

Throckmorton shrugged. "Hear that machine, my dear Countess? It's emitting a beam of ultraviolet light. Like your pretty silver fetters, it's keeping you from changing. You can't turn into a wee bat and fly away."

"What are your plans, your cretin?"

"My plans? There are scientists, my pretty, who are ready to pay for a living-- if you'll pardon the expression-- vampire. Staked bodies and burnt ash tell them only so much. They want fresh samples, love. And your lovely body will provide them."

Carmilla thought she couldn't be degraded any further. She was wrong. 

"Sell me?! You're going to sell me?!" 

Throckmorton chuckled. "Oh, yes, me pretty bloodsucker. I'm selling you to the highest bidder. Professor Van Helsing has offered quite a lot for your lovely ass. And Baron Frankenstein might do better. Fact you're a looker is helping."

story by…
Money Is Not Everything

Rosalyn wriggled and again tried vainly to get comfortable. The ropes bit into her ankles and wrists, and the delicate silk cloth with which she was gagged constantly threatened to screw up her lipstick if she wiggled her jaw too much.

But for all the discomfort, the plan seemed like it was working... well, sort of. The agency had been trying for months to get an agent inside Catfish Magraw's organisation and Rosalyn was determined she was going to be the one to do it. Her career would take off after this, assuming she survived of course. She had been dating Magraw's number one henchman, Angus "Anchorman" MacArcher for several months and the staged kidnapping, apparently at the hands of Magraw's arch rivals, The Sidewinder Syndicate was intended to lead to her rescue and then ingratiation into Magraw's inner circle.

And it had all gone perfectly. Together with Agent Malone, Rosalyn had fired lots of bullets into the car before he had tied her up and stashed her inside to be found by MacArcher. They even added a sack of counterfeit money just make it convincing. It all looked like the perfect kidnapping gone wrong. Rosalyn had been "rescued" and driven back to Magraw's place where MacArcher had snogged her passionately around the gag.

"Glad to have you back Doll," he'd growled afterwards. Although apparently not so glad that he'd actually untied her, or even got her out of the car. Why would he not untie her?

And now some unknown minor goon was driving the car to God only knew where. Rosalyn could only see sky out of the windows. Why was she still tied up? They must have rumbled her. She was going to experience the thing that got MacArcher his nickname, Anchorman. Rosalyn's mind was racing. It was twenty miles to the lake and a swim with a boat anchor. Or perhaps not. Perhaps Anchorman was just turned on by her all tied up and gagged, and he was going to make her into his bondage moll. That would be perfect. She would be able to spy on the whole outfit from the inside, and the bondage bit was not without attractions too.

What to do? Wriggle free and escape from a watery fate or remain passive and hope to become a sex-slave spy?

Rosalyn made her decision. Wriggle free and escape. A watery grave was just too much to gamble with. She wriggled and writhed around to get rid of the ropes that bound her but to her horror they wouldn't budge. Why the fuck had Malone gone and done such a good job on her? There was no way she could get free.

She slumped down onto the car seat, defeated and scared, but then she saw her reflection in the car's rear view mirror and felt much better. The sexy dress and cute little hat, not to mention her body tied up inside them. Could any man resist her charms when she looked the way she did? Of course she wasn't destined for the lake, was she?

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Rita could smell the aroma of new money, the sting of hot metal and the bitter bite of spent cartridges. Her ears still rang from the bark of Mick's tommy gun. He left the polished weapon in the car with her after he tied her up, and its beauty still got her excited.

She squirmed around in the back seat, getting more comfortable, her nerves shivering with excitement. What a day so far! Handsome, clean cut and forbidden Mick Sargent invited her for a drive. His leer promised a secluded spot and some back seat adventure. Why not?

But instead of heading for the backroads, Mick drove his sedan bold as brass into town and parked at the First National Bank. Rita's heart raced when he calmly got a tommy gun out of the trunk, grabbed her by the arm, and marched her into the bank. Into her own uncle's bank!

The rest happened so fast! In moments Rita was stuffing wads of cash into a mailbag while Mick held bystanders at bay. She was wild with glee and hoped the tellers would mistake it for fear. Mick hustled her out, thrust her and the money into the car, and gunned the engine.

Then the idyllic hell that was downtown Sweetwater was shattered by gunfire. That sanctimonious son of a bitch Chief Potter shot at the car with his old Winchester. Mick coolly replied with his tommy gun, driving nails of noise into Rita's ears. She laughed as Potter dove for cover. She didn't think the fat bastard could run so fast!

Mick drove like hell and soon they were out in the country. He pulled behind some abandoned buildings. Rita was amorous, but Mick was all business. He made her get into the back seat, got some rope from his pocket and started tying her up.

"I won't run away, Mick! Really!" Rita protested.

"Sorry, lass. I didn't get this far by taking chances," Mick countered as he bound her ankles. "And if the coppers catch up with us, you can tell them I grabbed you and made you help me."

Bound hand and foot, Rita batted her eyes at him. "Ooooo, you fiend!" She knew that he liked her new red dress with the matching hat and shoes. She chose her stockings with Mick in mind. The new hairdo for her dark locks was for him, too. "What are you going to with me?" she added with a purr.

Mick fished a bandanna from his pocket. "You're part of me loot, sweetie," he informed her. He carefully gagged her, then ran his hands over her legs, up her skirt and over her hips. Rita mewed through her gag and squirmed sensuously. He laid her down on the seat.

"Relax, girlie," Mick told her playfully, sounding like a villain in the movies. "Nobody's going to rescue you. We'll be on our way after dark." He patted her hip. "But I might have me wicked way with you first."

He got out of the car. "Now be good. I've got to keep watch."

Rita shivered with excitement and struggled a bit. She was really tied up. The gag between her lips started to sour, but she didn't care.

Dammit, I'm having some fun at last, she declared. At last!

story by…



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